Dad recipes

Steak, bangers, cheese, ice cream. If this random collection of words immediately brings your dad’s face to mind, it’s okay, because not to generalise, but all dads everywhere since the beginning of time have loved meat and dairy. Of course, the classic dad menu is not a sustainable way of eating if we want to keep our planet inhabitable, so it looks like it´s up to you (again) to take action with these dad-tested, dairy-free recipes. Maybe try swapping one ingredient at a time in order to slowly ease dad into a less caveman-ish diet. He might not even notice the difference, which poses an interesting moral dilemma — at what point do you tell dad that he may already be a vegan?

Beef stroganoff View recipe >
Shepherd’s pie View recipe >
Chicken tikka masala View recipe >
Bangers and mash with onion gravy View recipe >
Spaghetti bolognese View recipe >
Apple crumble View recipe >

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